How to make textblock visible?

My code thus far is:

Character class constructor

ComponentInfo = CreateDefaultSubobject<UTextBlock>(TEXT("TextBox")); 

Actual implementation/design is called within tick()

FText msg = FText::FromString(curSynchrotronComponent.getName(CurrentModuleIndex) + curSynchrotronComponent.getDesc(CurrentModuleIndex)); //text I wanna show in the textblock
	ComponentInfo->SetColorAndOpacity(FSlateColor()); //Pink text
	ComponentInfo->SetAutoWrapText(true); //wraps text around textbox
	ComponentInfo->SetJustification(ETextJustify::Center); //Text is centered

This doesn’t get the block to appear on the HUD. How do I go about doing this?

i have a same question. spent lots of time to slove it;
u should add SlateCore in;