How to make sure 2 sounds aren't playing at the same time?

Hey there!
My game has several Trigger Boxes which start a specific audio, however, when moving into two triggerboxes (for example at the same time or just at a time very close to each other) the new and already playing sounds play at the same time. As my audio is a voice this makes it very confusing.

Is there any way I can check if some audio clips are playing already, and if yes, play the audio of that specific trigger box (and if no, do nothing)? It needs to work throughout several triggerboxes :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Use this setup to play the sound:

The parameter is of type ‘sound base object reference’.

Hi! How exactly do I get the ‘Sound’ and ‘Current Sound’ in there? (So basically all the blue lines)?

Right click on the output of the spawn and choose ‘promote to variable’.

Hey! Maybe you didn’t quite get my main question. I am talking about 2 different trigger boxes playing different audio. This didn’t fix that.

I need a way to make it so that two different audio clips through different triggerboxes will not play at the same time.

  • Create a boolean in your CharacterBP > “canListenToAudio”
  • Set it’s defaut value to “true”
  • Have only one ActorBP that you’ll be using to play audio.
  • In your ActorBP, add a collision box and an audio component.
  • Construction Script:

  • Event Graph:

  • Drop the ActorBP in your level, as many of them as you want.
  • And in the level, select an ActorBP, set it’s “Sound to Play” variable to whatever sound you want.

Hi, what you can use for this is a SoundConcurrency. So you can create a new SoundConcurrency and set MaxCount to 1, so that only one sound that uses this SoundConcurrency can play at a time. Then your can set the ResolutionRule to what you need (e. g. maybe PreventNew). Then set your sound cues to use that SoundConcurrency.

Thought about this at first, but this would also kill the background music :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!
I’ve fixed the issue thanks to some help by someone else! Thanks a lot for thinking with me.

In case someone else has the same issue at some point, here’s how I fixed it. alt text