How to make static mesh object collide when attached to character blueprints with in game objects?

Currently, I have a shield attached to my character’s blueprints which is a static mesh object. When I go in-game my shield goes through collidable objects. However, my character collides without any issues. Attached you can see my shield is set to blockall. I have also tried using a capsule with block all settings and putting the shield underneath and giving it block all settings among many others.

How can I make my shield collide with in-game objects?
Thank you!

This is a question with various answers, depending on who you listen to.

They’re basically along the lines of:

  1. Make the player collision bigger to encompass the shield.

  2. Write your own code on tick which does a trace from the shield and moves it inward if something is in the way

  3. Do something fancy with a spring arm. The spring arm is used to move the player camera away from objects, and I recall seeing a nice solution like this, but can’t seem to find it at the moment…

These are all super creative ways! Not what I would necessarily want to do. However, I think doing something like the second option could be my best option. Asking for the future; would I also have to do this for all projectiles or any kind of attack from bot characters as well?

With a projectile, you’re focused on impact. The moment there is a hit, the projectile will either lodge in place, or destroy itself. You’re not worrying about it going through objects on its way to something else :slight_smile:

Makes sense, thanks! Going to start messing around with blueprints for idea number 2 now :slight_smile: