how to make shadow properly


How to make the shadow of tree properly? Look on image, it makes such triangle like stupid shadow… but when is the tree just placed on the scene the shadow is realistic.

What affects this? How to make the shadow more realistic?

THank you,



Hello lukas84,

What you are seeing is a static shadow being cast from the tree and baked into the lightmass. If you’re tree is in motion, SpeedTree asset, then you can turn on cast dynamic shadows and turn on your dominant scene light (Directional Light) be set to stationary or movable.

If you would like to keep your object with static lighting there is a setting under the “Lighting” section within the “Details” panel called, “Cast Inset Shadow.” This will give your object a higher resolution shadow.

Static Mesh with Dynamic Shadow and Inset Shadow enabled

Hope this helps!

Andrew Hurley

hi Andrew, ah thats better :slight_smile: and it fix my problem, thanks :)!