How to make Scene Capture Component 2d to capture Ray Tracing reflections instead of SSR

Is it possible for Scene Capture Component 2d to capture Ray Tracing Reflections? In realtime.
(Not for games, so I don’t care about optimisation)

Non-realtime and realtime both unsupported. Would be very nice outside realtime to get very good reflection captures at no extra cost or any rtx support.

Because there is GRayTracingSceneCaptures variable in the source code of the last UE4 engine version, which you can use it to enable the capture. It is just supported in recent.

static int32 GRayTracingSceneCaptures = 1;
static FAutoConsoleVariableRef CVarRayTracingSceneCaptures(
    TEXT("Enable ray tracing in scene captures.
    TEXT(" 0: off 
    TEXT(" 1: on (default)"),

Is this variable available via Blueprints?

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Yes, you can use “Execute Console Command” to run it in Blueprints.

And you can also set the variable in ini file.