How to make rubble (with physics)?

Hi all,

I’d like to make some rubble with physics for my game. I’ve already successfully made it with blender, but after importing it to UE4, it’s all one big object with no physics. It looks like this:


I essentially just want to make this, but give it (or at least some peices) individual collision and physics.

This can easily be done with a destructible mesh but I’m not so sure how.

This may be useful for your case:

Create a destructible cube or whichever mesh you like in content browser > Put it in the level > Add Impulse(small enough to just break the cube) in level BP to explode the mesh > Keep Simulation Changes. I havent tried this myself but this should work i think.

Once in the destructible mesh you can also import an FBX so if you’re really happy with your custom mesh you can use it and APEX will automatically treat it as destruction chunks.

I tried this but I need to break the mesh first to put the chunks where I want them to.

Is it possible to have them start in that position>?

Yeah, you need to break it first with an impulse then wait for it to settle into a rubble, and then keep changes if it looks like you would expect. If not, change its rotation or impulse amount, etc. to break it again and get a different looking rumble. What Ori suggested should work as well, i had forgotten that we could import custom made chunks in destructible mesh editor.

Just to add to what Ori suggested, take a look at this mini-tutorial I did for FBX Chunks a couple of weeks ago.

It’s one of my favorite features with destructibles and is really easy to use while allowing you to get some cool results with a lot of control for your mesh.

If you have any questions setting it up or need help in general feel free to ask.

Can you explain to me what I’m doing wrong? Here’s an album showing what’s happening: Only once you touch it does it actually go back to the way it was when it was saved, and it's not even 100% the same. - Album on Imgur

Looking at your album that is working as intended. If you have a base mesh , in this instance your wall, that is setup with your FBX chunks and you destroy the wall while the game is running the simulation will revert back when you stop the game.

The simulation may be slightly different every time and not result in the objects always being in the same place.

If you need a setup like that it may be better solution to import several chunks as static meshes and set them to a collision type of Physics Actor. You can place them in your scene in the position you want them to be and when a player or other object collides with them they will move. This is similar to the white physics cubes in the first person template.