How to make Rocket League or Fortnite type multiplayer?

Hey, i don’t really know how to tell this, but i am working on a game where i would like to implement Multiplayer like in Rocket League. Where you just press play and it connects to lets say another 10 players in the loby and places you on different teams. Is there any good tutorial on this or can someone help. Thanks for all replies!

This is something you really need to get down yourself, try to do some simple multiplayer tutorials and some other things to get to know what your doing. Then you can do more advanced stuff such as that. No one is going to tell you exactly how to do that, I would first start off getting the game mechanics in check.


The above link would be a good place to start. Its a tutorial on multiplayer and matchmaking put out by epic. Also you may want to checkout the shooter project on the learn tab of the launcher

I will do that, thanks for your help !

Thanks for the reply i will try doing that, thanks gain !