How to make RGB texture map?

HI, this is my first post in AnswerHub.
I’m a beginner of UE4 and a Japanese architect.
I want to know how to make original RGB texture map to use in material editer.
Please click below URL to check a reference example of RGB texture map (red and yellow one).

I can make objects using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, and can edit images using Photoshop.

I want to import original objects modeling by Rhino to UE4 and attach materials made in UE4.
I understood I can import Rhino files using Datasmith.

Please give me some advice or solutions to make RGB texture map using Rhino or UE4.

Thank you for your help!!

If I understand it correctly you want to pack masks? If that’s the case then it can be easily done in engine. Create an unlit material with your masks like in first image. Then draw that material to a render target. After that’s done you can create a static texture by right clicking on the render target in the content browser.

I think what you want is material layers and RGB mask to determine which material should be visible

Thank you for your responding, and Yes, I want to pack materials like attached images.
For example, when I create original furniture, I want to make a RGB texture map to attach UE4 materials to my furniture. Is it possible to pack materials in the same way you told me?
Sorry for my poor English skill to communicate.

Thanks, what I want to do is create chair mask texture itself…
I’ll check recommended youtube and some videos!