How to make reflections work properly?

As you can see in the picture below, sphere reflection captures dont seem to do anything?

The material applied to the cube has roughness 0, metallic 1 and specular 1 and yet there are no reflections appearing on the cube?

I have baked the level many times and tried playing around with settings (including material settings like no metallic) and nothing makes reflections show?

Ever since I started using UE4 (back in March when it launched) reflections have never worked when I’ve set them up, but when I look at any example projects the reflections are fine?

Does anyone know how to make reflections work? (Besides Screen Space.)

Reflection captures capture whatever is in the level. Right now it is empty and that’s why you arent receiving any reflections. Check out this post for more information:

No, I do have various meshes in my scene (currently behind the camera), I just moved the cube out so that you can clearly see there are no reflections as it seems like just a black cube even though it should be reflecting.

PS. Theres a skybox in my scene as well, and it should at the very least be able to reflect that?!

Hey WarLord -

What is the Bounds of your Sphere Reflection Actor? The Bounds are what determines what is being reflected in the generated cubemap which is applied to simulate reflections in your material based on its Metallic and Roughness Settings. So the large yellow sphere that is visible when you click on the reflection actor is the extent of your reflections. If the reflections do not encompass an object the cubemap will not render said object in the reflections.

Hopefully that helps and if not please let me know where I can help explain further -

Eric Ketchum