How to make Rectangular Light Source Visible?

Hey, im building a Ray Traced Car Scene in UE 4.27Preview.
I want to setup a light setting with rectangular lights and i want to make the light source visible.
Is there any way to do that? I tried to use geometry with an emissive material, then the source is visible but this material only appears in the car reflections, it does not light up the scene as a rectangular light does…

thank you for any help!!!

why not both!?!

Yeah, why not using a rectangular plane with an emissive material (like a photo from a real lamp) to represent the visible part of your light, and then place a rectangular light with identical measurements right in front of it, which will deliver your desired light.
In that case, you might consider using the rectlight only for lighting, and not letting it appear in the reflections, since your emissive material might look better than a simple colored rectlight. Your rectlight have a “Specular Scale” (ok, all lights have that), which is responsible for making the rectlight appear in reflections. Set this to zero, and it will provide only, without being visible in the reflections.

Also, just for reference, emissive materials don’t work very well–I think it was something to do with how they get sampled when building the lighting–so it’s best to use an actual light for illumination when possible.

An option to toggle light shape visibility like in any offline renderer would be super handy!

yea, well this isnt an offline renderer btw

I asked for this too…

I know this is not an offline renderer, but this is fairly standard practice in any other dcc. If UE is aimed more and more towards film/vfx work, which it is, then features like this need to be implemented

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I agree, that would be hugely helpful to have the option. Would save tons of time.

An Essential that Epic should attend asap!

Still needed.