How to Make Reactive Material?

As the subtitle, my teammate told me to think of a way(if it exists) to use materials to create an water surface that can react to players, and has waves, but I’ve never thought of it and can think of no way (the only way I’ve thought of is to make it physical, but I don’t even know how, not even when I was learning about UDK).

Is there a procedure? I know the answer might be diverse so I don’t need a detailed tutorial, just need a conceptual remainder.

example of what I’m talking about:

I don’t really need to do as perfect as that, but I really need someone to tell me how to do that basically.

Check out this:

You can let it react to the player with material parameters that you change in your bp’s -> with that technique you can let waves appear when the player moves through the water

- YouTube (watch both parts) :slight_smile:

Cube2222: what’s supposed to be in there? I think the FluidSurface plugin, but the link is dead and here there’s only the TextureMoviePlugin

that technique would only work by manually passing the player’s position into the shader.
it’s a cheap trick in my opinion, and it will only work in a game with no other players and no other NPCs - basically only the player character can do it, or a predefined N amount of characters (you do this N times inside the shader and do it for the N nearest characters) but the code starts getting more complex with that.
as with the request of physically interactive foliage, here a systemic approach would work best. for the water case I think something like FluidSurface is best
and for other cases (smaller scale) I keep thinking something like UDK’s HitMask would work nicely, which in UE4 I believe is just the usage of a DynamicTexture

Actually, the link isn’t dead, and yes, it’s the fluid surface plugin.

Is something necessary to see it? Because as Chosker reports the link goes to a 404 page for me as well while the only repository that I see from you is the Texture Movie Plugin posted in September.

You need to be logged into GitHub with the account linked to your UE4 subscription. If you don’t have an current sub, you won’t be able to view it. :slight_smile:

Oh I suppose that is my problem. I literally just signed up for GitHub to see if that would let me view the link. Wasn’t aware that I could or should link my UE4 to it so I’ll go figure that out now.

Just go to and sign in, then from the account page enter your User ID from GitHub to the form, this will link your account to your subscription. After that you shouldn’t have any trouble viewing the page. :slight_smile:

Ah, I got it to work finally. The link didn’t work up until I joined the Epic Games organization on Github through the email I was sent.