How to make player camera to be rendered in one part of the screen?

Hello, what I’m trying to do to for my game is to achieve UI similar to the image I provided.
The UI part I can figure out, but I can’t find a way to make the player camera to only render in one part of the screen. I don’t want to overlay the viewport camera with UI because this will make the camera look clipped. I looked into doing it with render target and image plane on UI, but in this case, I can’t find a way to disable the main camera that is no longer needed, no to mention I will run into many limitations with this workflow. Also, I need for all UI elements to scale to players screen, including the camera aspect ratio. I was able to achieve this effect with Unity camera output settings quite easy but was unable to find a way to do this in Unreal Engine effectively so far. What would be the way to do it?
Thank you