How to make planet from Sky & Atmosphere demo video

OK, I REALLY want to play with this. Like, now.

Looking at the assets he used, I can only assume he either using the spherical shader on an immense high tri count grid to make the planet and plopped a regular landscape on top of that. Or, he used a BIG ASS SPHERE and plopped the landscape on top of that. Since he did go to any other location on the planet I have to assume the rest is probably flat with a material that looks kinda like the landscape he was in. Either way, I would LOVE to see how that level was made please!

Help me Sjeord De Jong, you’re my only hope!

As he points out at the beginning, he’s using a spherical shader, in fact this one:

It just looks like a ball, it isn’t actually.

Right. As I said in my OP, I figured he was probably using a high res planar mesh with the spherical shader on it. I’d still like to see how it was done though.

Then you probably need to get the asset, which is what he did :wink: