How to make Physics Box a Nav Target but Block Navigation

I have a box (Physics enabled) that characters and AI can pick up. The navigation to the box is broken because it isn’t able to project the box’s location to the navmesh (since it is blocking navigation).

How can I make the box block navigation but still allow for it to be navigated to as a target?

We decided to chop of the vector to the box until it hits the navmesh. This will solve our issue but seems like a hack, and the API for Moving to things should include moving to things that are adjacent to the nav mesh. And no, partial paths did not always work, for some reason.

Just to clarify, we iterated on this, using EQS to generate pathable points around the object, but still on the navmesh. Works well, but running eqs seems expensive and we’ll have to be careful

This is a shot in the dark, but what about simply attaching another actor to it that the character can go to? ex. like the PathNode examples in one of the UE4 tutorials?

You only need them right next to the box in order for them to pick it up correct?

Thanks for the reply! This was our first solution, having to add an actor to every single thing we want to navigate to didn’t seem ideal, and approaching from different angles and sides would require some more complicated logic. EQS seems like a more robust and transparent solution, we just need to avoid calling it every frame, and need to share the results if possible :).