How to make physics based fire trail?

there is spawn per unit module, that spawns particle when emitter moved on specified distance. maybe it would be useful in this case.

I want to make rocket engine fire trail which will not use local space, but will Inherit rocket’s velocity. Something like this you can see on this gif, this ship is moving in space accelerating, so I can’t use Ribbon emitter, because I don’t need trajectory. The problem with this version of it is that “Inherit Parent’s Velocity” emitter’s module doesn’t work as intended with high particle spawn rate and high velocity. You can see even on this this gif that source of particles is moving a bit and on the next picture you can see what will happen if rocket will gain enough speed. I have already tried to tweak everything in emitters settings, but I can’t solve this problem, so I am looking for other ways to achieve this effect.



But I still can’t use particles and Inherit Parent’s Velocity because of this bug. I think it happens, because spawn rate of particles is higher than tick rate, so it just spawns some particles every tick but with a distance between each other to achieve “constant” spawn rate.

Finally I have found solution. Here is instruction:

Create parent component for ship, set it so only ship can rotate, not this component. Attach particle system to this parent component, not to ship. Set emitter to Use Local Space, Set Initial Velocity to Vector Particle Parameter. Then in blueprint update this Initial Velocity every tick with Forward Vector of Ship * desired speed of particles.