How to make Oculus Rift DK2 work on Unreal Engine 4.7 on Mac?

I paid for Unreal Engine 4 since it came out, as my goal was to make environments for VR.

I kept installing new versions, and none had great instructions on Rift setup. It was claimed it was “plug-&-play”, all I have to do is run a standalone game, or download a “Content Examples” project that doesn’t exist (

I even tried version 4.5 of the VR First Person template provided in the forums. Nothing yet.

I turn it on, load project, and run as standalone. The Rift camera turns on, and all I see on the rift is separate 2D screens. I can look with the mouse, but the Rift setup does nothing.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? If I had decent documentation besides “it just works!” I’m sure I could get closer to making it work…


Once you run in a standalone window, if you hit, Option Enter on the keyboard, it will send the game to the rift. The rift acts like a second monitor and must be set correctly in the monitor settings. (Default for display, 90 deg, 75 Hertz) To end the game on the rift and regain control, hit the ~ key, then type “exit” to end. It works pretty easy with the Unreal Engine. Getting high enough frame rates and no judder is another story. I’m not sure any macs with laptop class graphics cards are fast enough. Apple has really dropped the ball in this area. I’m so frustrated about this. And now Oculus has “paused” its support of the Mac platform going forward. I’m waiting to see how Epic will respond to this.

Anyway, If you need more help. Will be glad to assist you.


Jason W.

See, I tried the Option + Enter trick, and nothing happened :confused:

FYI: I assume you’ve seen that Oculus haved paused Mac support to focus on Winodws?:

I guess it might still come down the road however :wink:

Does the standalone window disappear when you hit Option + Enter? When it disappears it has moved to the Rift screen. You checked your monitor settings when you have the Rift on? Is the plug-in enabled in the plug-in manager? Just trying to think of all the variables that would affect the rift. I’ve had more difficulty getting Unity VR demos to work correctly, but never had any trouble with Unreal Engine so far. You can also try an older version of the engine, but you’ve probably already tried that! :wink:

Yeah, I saw that announcement the other day, makes me sad and disappointed in Apple for not providing a way to put more advanced graphics cards in their machines or hooked up in an external chassis using thunderbolt or something. So it makes the Mac seem like a second class citizen and less of a priority to Oculus! I understand, but am disappointed. I’m looking for a solution that makes sense. :frowning:

Thanks! I thought 4.7 was better on that. my bad. I have 8.1 on boot camp partition, I think I made it work there before, with horrible lag.

Thanks. No, the standalone window doesn’t disappear on Mac. On Win 8 I had to hack it through the console with _stereo I think.

Agreed. I even got a 7950 in this mac just for oculus :stuck_out_tongue: