How to make objects respawn over a period of time?

Im trying to make this object respawn once destroyed with destructible mesh, any advice

Create an actor with destructible mesh and use an event timer to count down. When the timer is up, set the destructible mesh again - this will reset it.

thanks, could you elaborate im having some trouble

do you want the actor to spawn at the same location?.

i think this is what everynone is saying:

1-) create a actor with destructible mesh. (i guess you know how to do this part)
2-) Use Something like on Event BeginPlay → Set Timer By Function Name (i think that is the name of the function. you will find it once you search it.)
3-) Create a function which spawns the actor back again using spawn actor.
4-) copy the name of this function and put it in the Set Timer By function name’s Function name field.

edit: btw the actor is probably going to be destroyed so do this somewhere else like in playercharacter bp(do not recommend. you can do that but i dont do these things in the player character. i would personally do it in the level bp.)

There’s no need to destroy the entire actor even though it would, of course, work. It’s enough to reset the destructible mesh component.

Just ensure the Add Destructible Component has the same settings as your original mesh.

Image from Gyazo

wait do I do these blueprints in the world blueprint?, and yes I do want it to respawn in the same location, thank you for your help

No, as I said in my original answer, create an actor and give it a Destructible Mesh Component. This way each actor can have its own timer, and its own additional functionality if so desired.

You can then drag these actors from the Content Browser into the world.

ok, thanks

only one more thing, how do I create a destructible mesh component?, I can do everything else so that’s all. Thanks for your help

  • create a static mesh in a modelling application of your choice
  • import it into your project
  • right click in the content browser and Create Destructible Mesh


  • if you do not see the above option, [check this out][2]
  • open the created destructible mesh and fracture it, apply any settings that you may need, save
  • create an actor and add Destructible (second from the bottom):


  • assign it the destructible mesh created above

thank you

my real question is how to you get the ‘on component fracture’ node, I just cant seem to find it, thanks and sorry for not understanding im a noob

Btw, if you do not need the extra functionality the Timer provides, you can just use a Delay node for this.

holy ■■■■ thank you I would never of figured this out myself

This isnt working

nvm figure it our sorry, thanks for the help kind stranger!