How to make my plugin's functions accessible in blueprint?

I am working on a blueprint and don’t exactly know how to access the functions in blueprint.
here is a part of the plugin code. I cannot add UFUNCTION macros because it won’t get compiled, even if I add UCLASS() and GENERATED_UCLASS_BODY() still nothing will get compiled.
so my question is that how do you make the plugin functions accessible in blueprint ?

class FSimpleKinectV2Module : public IModuleInterface


	/** IModuleInterface implementation */
	virtual void StartupModule() override;
	virtual void ShutdownModule() override;

	bool getSensor();

	void shutdownSenor();

Plugin module is no diffrent from game module that you code in game project. Reflection system work only in UObject, so so it wont work in non-UObject FSimpleKinectV2Module (that class is to represet your module in engine, main plug in code should not be there), insted create new UObject class same as you do in game code. Ofcorse you will need to do that manually, not in editor because it does not support plugin programing.

Engine is divided in to modules, and regardless if module is in engine source code or game project or plugin they all work the same, so ise them the same