How to make multiple physical hairs Skeleton or Socket?

Hello everyone.
I need multiple customizable hairs in my project and I wonder how should I apply it to character - through skeletal mesh with my character’s skeleton, OR separately - just adding a socket to my character’s bones and attaching my hair model with its own skeleton.
For more understanding - I have to add a lot of hairs and have individual physics on all of them

Thank you for your answer.

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Did you find a solution?
There is now Kawaii physics, which can give physics to hair bones (and I think it is uses less resources than Epic’s physics sys). But the problem: if we make the Hair bone Skeleton separate from the Body Skeleton, then the Hair bones lack the reference body-collision bones for the hair tips.

  • Im wondering if on the SK Hair-bone import, I can add a ring of [collar bones] around where the body-shoulders/neck would be - and attach these hidden bones to the Hair hierarchy, so that Hair tips can hit these collar bones, and thus Kawaii will work.
  • Then in CharBP or where? I attach the Hair SK as a child of the Body SK (and I dont think I’d get competing anims, because Hair bones do not have any animation keyframes, only Head bone does).