How to make multi-color materials


I am new to UE and now I am stuck. I created a material instance that uses an emissive to simulate lighted windows in a sky scraper.

1.The problem is I can only use one emissive color and I want to be able to change the emissive color for each floor of the skyscraper. How do I do that?

  1. Also, how do I make the material map more random so it doesn’t repeat?

Skyscraper with tile material instance

Material with emissive

You can use a lot of things.
the easiest one is another image UV mapped to the windows on the model.
you can then just texture paint it how you see fit.

I appreciate your super-fast response, but I don’t know enough to understand what you said. Can you give me some keywords to google?

Thank You

Try to make sense of that.
If it’s too much you just need more basic modeling stuff.
however looking at your material and model you are 80% there. You just need a new texture for the windows.

You’ve used parameters for the emissive color and emissive strength, which means it can be changed in a material instance. Create a material instance from that material by right-clicking on the material in the browser and selecting Material Instance. Then open the material instance, and change its settings, save it, and apply it to a different part of the skyscraper. Make different parts of the skyscraper by simply rescaling the original mesh and duplicating it, stacking one upon another. It’s one way to create and change color of different floors of the skyscraper.