How to make movable objects (doors) have the same lightning as the near wall?

I cant make this doors on the picture look like the walls arround. Walls are static, doors are movable. all worked fine when all of this objects were static, but when i added animation to this doors they started to look very weird with all this artifacts all around. On youtube videos i see many movable doors that dont have such problems and look the same as the walls. Does anyone know how to solve this?

In the details of the mesh, use one of these and then rebuild light:


Can’t recall which I’m afraid.

Force surface works when i first make doors static, bake light on them and then, when i switch them to movable, they have this already baked light on them. Works great untill you open the door, cause when you open the door all the sides of the door appear to be black(baked when doors were closed so there was no light geting there). Force Volumetric i havent checked. i think it will give me just the same result as default. I think its used for static meshes to use volumetric instead of baked lightning. So its not working i guess.


Under lightmass settings if you go lower with Volumetric Lightmap Detail Cell Size (+ raise memory if needed) your dynamic objects get a pretty good, almost static lighting!! /your dynamic meshes can be effected by the Volumetric lightmap samples!