How to make meshes the right size in Blender?

Hi! Im currently working on a game where i want to use some roads, so i used the landscape spline tool and drew the road, but now i need to replace the spline with a static mesh (a road mesh), so i need to use Blender to make the mesh, but in the past when i used Blender, everything appeared 10x as big as everything else when i imported it.

Is there some setting i can make in Blender or UE that changes the size so that it fits in the game?


If anyone has some finished road meshes they want to share that’s fine as well!

When you import a FBX into UE4 you can apply a scale (see FBX Import Options Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation under “Transform”). Also, you can adjust the scale in the details of your landscape spline mesh (see Landscape Splines | Unreal Engine Documentation under “Creating a Spline” Step 5).