How to make material WorldPosition 6-sideds?


The material setting you want to create is to apply the WorldPosition to the XYZ axis UV of the mesh.
WorldPosition should be applied to the texture Diffuse, Roughness, Nomal map is a total of three.
At the same time, UVscale numerical values ​​must be adjustable.

The Diffuse image to create and apply the parent material to
(1) pattern image ((ex) flooring or brick)
(2) Non-patterned image ((ex) irregular photo image with original ratio)

I would like to be able to do worldposition properly in both situations.
Since the mesh can change variably, I want to create a parent that can be managed by the master.
I have tried some tests, but I do not get the results I want.

The attached image is the material I tested.

Fixed UVscale adjustment using pixelnomalWS node. All 6-sides have applied worldposition.
However, since the node has an error in connecting the nomal map, the above image shows only the diffuse and roughness maps connected.

What I want to ask is that when connecting the nomal map uv to the node, there is an error in the pixelnomalWS and IF syntax.
How can I adjust the UV for the NOMAL map? XD

(+) Knowing to use the WorldAlignedTexture node when applying WorldPosition,
You should not enter a square size, but you should get the original image ratio as it is.
Or is there a solution I do not know?

How can you fix the node in your own way?
I would really appreciate your help. Please help me!