How to make HMD gaze change values of MotionController(L) Thumbstick X on Google Daydream Touchpad?

Using blueprints I have been stumbling my way into creating more fluid movement of a First-person perspective character in a VR environment based on the position of my thumb on the google daydream controller touch pad. After a little struggle I’ve been able to implement a blueprint-based solution to move forward, back, left, and right just based on the position of my thumb on the thumbpad.

I am doing this because the whole point and click method of movement I’ve seen in the few tutorials and few documents on this topic seem totally unnatural.

This is what I have for one of the axis values for the touchpad:


The problem is if I move my head in any other direction and try to use the touch pad to move in any particular direction it doesn’t account for the fact that my head has moved. So if I look 90 degrees to the left, and click on the upper part of the touchpad I go to the right instead of going forward.

I want to be able to do something like: touch the upper part of the the touch pad and move forward based on the general direction my gaze is targeting like in the Twilight Pioneer app.

I’ve tried a variety of blueprint solutions, but I can’t seem to force a change in the orientation of the system of axis values in the touchpad based on the output of any HMD values. When I make the HMD values change googlevrmotioncontroller values it just changes the rotation/position of the mesh of the motioncontroller ( and its associated components) but not the touchpad values associated with the motioncontroller.

Any ideas?

Just do this

Well, that was easy. Thank you.