How to make hair look more realistic?

im just wondering if anyone has figured out how to set up materials for hair to give it a more softer look then the rigged look when using planes not looking for movement or anything just a softer more realistic look.

Try playing around with the shader model.

Hair really needs it’s own shader model but the foliage shader produces some interesting results

Take a look at those threads -> there you get some more information on how you can create “realistic” hair :slight_smile:

does the foliage shader work with planes? cause as of now im using a diffuse with normal map and a masking which gives a nice look but its very ridged was just trying to see if its possible to smooth it out more

That’s why epic games added a foliage shading mode :wink: -> yep, it’s especially for planes

When you use it, make sure that you connect your texture to diffuse + subsurface link

ok cool thanx

sadly that didnt change anything :(. was trying to get a smoother and have it look closer to the pic in my sig but there dosent seem to be anything to really smooth it out. the pic in my sig was rendered in 3ds max though. aw well maybe by time i finish my game they will have a hair shader

Edit: pic was removed by mod it can be seen in the slider on my website…

You could try to add a little bit of transparency + disable specular + use the two sided foliage shading + two sided material (works when you use it for short hair like a beard ^^) :slight_smile: Just play around with these settings and probably you can achieve a good result


ill test it out thanx!

If you want it smooth smooth try a tessellation multiplier

I made a tutorial video that covers this, I know I’m a little late for this thread but I hope it helps someone who landed here like I did a few weeks ago… cheers!