How to make geometry fade at an angle in the material editor?

Hi, here’s what I’d like to do.
In CE3 in the vegetation shader there’s an option to cut off geometry that’s close to being perpendicular to the camera.
This is very useful for trees etc. cause it kind of hides the ‘flatness’ of brach geometry.

So in the attached screenshot, there are 2 planes with different rotation. I’d like the one on the left to be invisible when at this angle.

Good suggestion, I tried it but it doesn’t really solve the problem.

It makes the geometry fade with a gradient, which creates even more of an issue tbh as seen on the right in the screenshot.
Imagine it was a branch, it would create leaves floating in air.
I played with the values of the fresnel node, and powering it but it just offsets the blend.

I want it to dissapear at once at a given angle.