How to Make Forward Direction Point the way you are Facing?

Ok so I made a level in a blank project. After I had everything the way I wanted it and was ready for some testing in VR I migrated the level over to a VR pre made project. This worked well except that the default mode of transportation is teleportation and that is no good for my level. I added a bit of code to the ‘motioncontrollerpawn’ blueprint and changed the type from pawn to character. I did this in order to move around with the face buttons on the Vive controller. The first picture shows the nodes I added. I thought this worked how I wanted it to but after walking around the level in VR I soon became very motion sick and nauseous so I had to lie down. I what caused this is because the forward direction was not based on the way I was facing but set to one permanent direction like North on a compass. I looked at the default HMD rotation blueprint (also found in ‘motioncontrollerpawn’) and added the ‘NewVar0’ nodes but I did not work (2nd pic). How do I set the forward movement to match the rotation of the HMD? Does looking around with the HMD even rotate the character in VR?