How to make Fake Reflections?

I had been looking for a way to make “fake” reflections with a HDRI Sphere or cube… I just saw this tutorial:

In the minute 5, he create a “Sphere Reflection Capture Actor”. With that I imagine that is creating an image from what is around him, and that´s great! But what I want to do… is to FAKE IT!.. ¿How is it possible is more complicated to do something in theory more easy?

I did not find any place to paste my image in that “actor”, the only I saw avaible for that is the “Skylight”, but that one is “emiting” LIGHT, I just want “reflections”!


It is harder, because Epic automated most common way of doing it. So people would have it easier for creating commonly needed reflections.
You want your own method, you do it yourself. They could not create separate way for each way somebody could imagine to do some task.
Unreal is already quite bloated, full of great things that are rarely used (or rather are quite specialized).

First create cubemap texture, then convert it to polar coordinates in nvidia or ati tool, then create material with that texture as reflection.
Or add that texture in postprocess volume as global reflection map.

Ps. if you mean real reflections like mirror, well then its much harder to do it well because of way unreal renders light.

Hi, Im totaly new to UE, but here is my idea: If you want to reflect something that isnt really there… For instance - Ghost visible only in mirror reflection - My idea would be to allow mirror to reflect invisible things - so Ghost will be there, just not visible for player, and mirror with option to reflect invisible things… Thats my idea, I dont know if it is actually possible, like I said, Im totaly new here.