how to make Decals visable

I have downloaded coupe decals from Quixel bridge to test and learn but for some reason they are not visible or super transparent in my project.

You have to put them on a mesh ( get the correct axis pointing downwards ).

I did, it is just be

rly visible

Which one is it?

all of them , no matter what i import it is super transparent. Honeysuckle for instance

This is what I get:

How have you configured the material?

Ok, I made my own material. I don’t know what’s in the parent material from Quixel…

… what do you mean by “configuring the material” did you do some specific changes to the instance? I did not touch the parent material and changing parameters in the instance seem to do nothing for me : <

: / there are just a lot of parameters to set from what I

can see.

Could you please point to what setting are wrong? Or should I just read more documentation/toturial and make my own material?

That bit looks ok, but I mean the material graph, the actual nodes.

Well, that might put a spanner in the works, yes… :smiley:

So I was on the verge of tearing my hair out and posting in this thread thinking I had a similar issue, and was going to ask if there was possibly something different in 4.25, because I could not see the preview plane for the decal show up when I placed the actor like you would expect to see in 4.24 and earlier. Then I found out that for some reason, “show–> decals” was deselected in the preview window. I don’t remember ever disabling it. Man… such a silly little thing… I know it won’t be of help to the folks experiencing a more serious issue but posting in this question thread just in case.

Idk what could be wrong here : (

Sorry, I have no idea what you’re doing.

You might need to post a fresh issue, sorry…