How to make custom start config?


I want to start 3 instances of the server and 2 clients at once, on starting project in UE Editor.

For each of 3 server instances I need to specify parameter with start maps.

For each of 2 clients I also need to to specify, to what server I need to connect.

I need it to debug game structure like:

  1. First client need to connect to first server (login server) (with map LoginLevel), to authenticate with user login/password and generate session data.

  2. After that first client need to connect to the second server (with map CharacterSelectionLevel), where user can select character, that user wants play.

  3. After character selection, user will be migrated to the 3rd server, that is open-world server (with map OpenWorldLevel).

How to start this bunch of instances on Run game in UE editor?

Thank you! :heart:

I use commandline .bat files to start instances in this sort of way

#Batch Files for Dedicated Servers

I have info on creating dedicated server instances via commandline here:

How to run Dedicated Server From Commandline

Wiki on Dedicated Servers From Commandline

Then I make a .bat file that runs all my other .bat files at the same time :slight_smile:



Hello, Rama!

Nice, but very expensive solution!

Compiled server of the game (MyGameServer.exe) uses about 150 MB of RAM.

UE4Editor.exe with options - about 500 MB of RAM.

I have not a lot of RAM, is it possible to reduce needed RAM for UE4Editor.exe process?

Thank you, Rama!

Ahm, I do think you will need to increase your RAM if your focus is testing multiple instances of dedicated servers :slight_smile:

Multiplayer programming in UE4 is probably the most complex type of programming and the hardware requirements are higher, so for the long term success of your project I recommend acquiring more powerful computer parts :slight_smile:



It’s very good idea, but I haven’t money for that :).

Also, I can’t make some projects on sites like patreon, kickstarter and another sites - these sites doesn’t allow project creation for People from Russia :).

All of my salary (less, than 700 USD/month) is goes for life costs.

I am also can’t afford to buy license of the DAZ3D studio (500 USD).

If I can’t afford to buy license, how could I buy new PC (about >=1500 USD) :slight_smile: ?