How to make custom material Preview for Content Browser?

Open Content Browser → Engine → MaterialTemplates → Gradients

As you can see by default all materials have FLAT preview with gradients.
BUT if you double click it, it changes to default BALL preview, how to change it back?

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On the lower right corner of the content browser, click “View Options” and then enable “Thumbnail Edit Mode” Then you can click on the icons of the materials to change the preview shape.

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Hi newbprofi,

To piggyback on DasMatze correct answer. As long as you have ‘Real-time Thumbnails’ checked, when you are in ‘Thumbnail Edit Mode’ you can also left and right click on the thumbnails to zoom in/out and rotate them to get the view you like best.

Thanks, TJ

Thx for answer. Btw, when i change thumbnails inside “Gradient” folder myself and then double click them, they remains ok. So i suppose its some kind of bug, that original engine thumbnails resets after double clicking.