How to make complicate code?

Hello mates, sorry for the confusing question, but i really mean it, how can i make my code more complicate and hard to understand? The reason for that question is simple: my company got some order by the other company to make a program base on your Unreal engine, and beside the complete product, the other company also require our complete source code. We usually receive orders just like this, and in return, we usually give them a source code that have been modified so that it is hard to understand, normally with a tool that change all the variables name into some long and meaningless name and using dll. We can handle those order pretty easy with unity engine, but with unreal, we are a bit clueless, up until now, we can only think of using dll, so can you guy tell me is there any other way?
Thank you for reading my question, and especially thank you all for making unreal engine free.

What kind of scam are you trying to pull?

Why scam? Obfuscating is common thing.

Try run your c++ code with some obfuscator, for example this one: - it will be definitely hard to read, but with some time it can be easily reversed;)

There no really need for obfuscating in C++, because end result of C++ is human unreadable machine code for CPU. It’s even better, you can put just header files in order to make you module usable in C++ without giving source code.

UE4 is divided in to modules similar to Linux kernel, when you code something in UE4 you making your own module that is loaded in to engine. UE4 got plugin system which let you reuse modules in all projects and i think this is how you should distribute your extension products:

Problem is distribution of those plug-ins only binary form, i yet to see plug in that is distributed that way, i know there commercial plug-ins already so you should check how they are dealing with it. You most likely will also need to build your plug-in for all supported platforms.