How to make callback when deleting actor?

To me those callback are for runtime and wouldn’t be relying on them for editing.

I think you have the right approach but not 100% across other ways to do this.

Call in Editor
When you create a custom event or a function in a Blueprint class, you can mark that event or function as callable in the editor. If you place an instance of that Blueprint class in a Level and select it, you can trigger your custom event or function in the Details panel. This approach is best to use anytime you need a Blueprint graph to work both at runtime and in the editor.

Hi. I’m making a variant of a tile system. And whenever I delete a tile in the editor I would like to update the other tiles. So that they can make any adjustments they need to preview the setup.
Keep in mind this is an Actor placed in a level, and NOT during play mode.

In order to do this, I have managed to do this through using a CallInEditor button.
How ever, it would feel a bit better if I could just be able to select it and press my “delete” key.
And then somehow have the same method run.

I have tried looking into the following methods:

  • Class destructor
  • EndPlay
  • BeginDestroy
  • FinishDestroy

From what i found, none of these seems to actually trigger any breakpoints inside of Visual Studio.
Except from when I press “Recompile”, but this is not the correct callback that I want.

If you have any clue as to what I should read up on to get to the bottom of this it is greatly appriciated.

Any solution for this?