How to make buttons randomly come out and in same as whackamole

So i have a wall with holes in it and inside them I have my buttons so I want a video or sample project or blueprint thing to show me how I can make them pop out randomly similar to the whackamole game also with the ability when touching it with the motion controller hands in VR it will count a score of one point for each hit

To animate the buttons, look into timeline based animations. Pretty straightforward. For the VR part, just detect when a button overlaps with the VR hands and you can count a point. I don’t think you will find exactly a tutorial on this, so you have to bring the pieces together by yourself.

I recall a whack-a-mole type game in the Nvidia VRFunhouse Project (Search the Epic store for this free project)

You may be able to glean some insight from how that’s set up.

+1 for what Marco said too!