How to make bomb fuse burning

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask but it seems like particle system to me, and more specifically a ribbon one.

So here’s the problem:
I have a 3d model of a bomb with a fuse in it. I wanna make it burning for few seconds. Whenever the fuse is lit, I want it burn down until the end of the fuse.

I saw that I need to use a ribbon for the particle system, but not really sure how. Can someone explain? Or show me? I can attach the bomb model if you want.

Here’s the model:

So… I think I need to make the fuse and the bomb as separate elements… but not sure how either…

Any ideas?

If you need the model tell me I’ll upload it.

What you need is to add a bone to the bomb mesh and animate it burning down (i.e. animate bone going down the fuse). Add a socket at the bones position and then attach a particle emitter at the socket when you set the bomb off. For extra credit, make a material that does a glow at the same point as the burning and that transitions from standard diffuse to either transparent or burnt (similar to the new materials on the marketplace that allow you to dissolve meshes).


oh my god… this sounds so easy to do… :smiley:

Btw I never worked with bones… do I need skeleton… Can’t I add a simple bone?