How to make Blueprints less pretty?

Hi I would like the blueprint viewport to look like Kismet because Blueprint rendering takes all the frame rates when Debugging. I have two monitors 1080p.

if it matters I have a multi core 3.5ghz CPU and two GTX 970.

I don’t think thats due to blueprint looking pretty but due to debugging which slows down Blueprint VM even feather, besides blueprint are very simplistic and there more complex Slate UI structures in editor. Not to mention removal of background images won’t make make look like all Kismet won’t fix much.

Either way, check “Widget Reflector” it’s Slate debug tool, it has tick times information on Slate, this way you can figure if it’s realy Slate of Blueprint VM. If it’s really Slate… then i think it’s bug somewhere, since it’s kind of hard to believe your power machine struggle with that.

Also tell exactly how deep FPS drops you getting

Hi , the game uses 500mb of VRAM and each card have 4 of VRAM plus the computer have 16GB RAM and frame rates can drop from 80fps to 10fps when debugging start.
If it matters almost all textures are 2048x2048px

I also will try what you mention.

Ok, also try “stat game” command which shows execution times, check what increases during debugging