How to make better shadows?

I think the shadows in UE4 look absolutely horrible, is there a way to make dynamic shadows more like the MaxFX 2.0 shadows?
Like in this picture:

Note how the character’s shadows blur and fade away with distance.

You can see the effect better here:

The shadow slowly fades away and blurs with distance

And even better example:


Capsule shadows will give you that kind of result.

Okay, thanks, are there any other techniques? Something that preserves the shape of the character in the shadow, also capsule shadows are for indirect light, those pictures show direct light.

EDIT: Well, i just found out about Ray-traced distance field soft shadows, that gives the result as shown in the pics, the only downside is that it’s DX11 only, and the MaxFX’s effect is DX8 and 9.
I wonder how they did that…

You can enable capsule shadows for direct lighting, and it works well.

There’s a ton of tech docs for realtime soft shadows if you want a different solution. But generally they are faked and cheap hacks.

Thats cool, is there a documentation page you can link in regards to this?

The main setting is Capsule Direct Shadows enabled