How to make background image/object stay the same distance?

How would you make a static mesh object or background image (ie skysphere material) stay the same distance away from the player without resizing?

I’m having kittens trying to resolve this!

If you look at this example when you’re close to the wall the static mesh mountain is smaller:

But when you move further away from the wall the mountain grows longer and you can see additional edge on both sides of the mountain:

So how do you stop this rescaling from happening, is there an easy way as its absolutely critical to my project.

I’ve tried using a skysphere image and it makes no difference, there’s still this parallax that I’m trying to remove, not sure if billboards are the answer?

I have the same problem with a large stellar body, 4 years later mind you. I solved it by caching the distance in begin play and keeping it at that distance in tick.
but of course now the problem is it is not always far away enough *different scales for different stellar bodies" so sometimes the “clip” into other geometry. trying to figure out how to render it as backgorund so everything else always renders on top of it without any clipping.

anyhoo if you found a good solution *images in my case wont work please lemme know.

If you have one camera, you can anchor your background to the camera (use the camera as parent) and make it not inherit rotation from the camera. That way it will always be the same distance away.

Some of those artifacts look like they could be Z resolution dependent, though. Shallow angles in the distance will have that problem, somewhat depending on specific scene and hardware details. Put things in the distance in fog to reduce the visibility of it :slight_smile:

Thanks that makes sense