How to make auto-moving VR project?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to make a VR project. When you run the application, the user will automatically start to move on a certain route and when it reaches the end of the route, the application will be closed. There is no need for any interaction function in the application. Does anybody have an idea or source that I can look into? I appreciate any kind of help.

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Maybe some of the experts have a better idea, however, I´d look into the “timeline” node in blueprints, using the vector curves(x y z).

Those parameters could be linked to something like “pawn or actor location”, depending on how you got it set up.

I am not sure how to close the app afterwards, but you would be surprised at how much stuff you can find in Blueprints simply by searching within them(right click I believe),

PS: just so you know, this is not a VR/AR specific question really, more to do with blueprints etc.

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Hi mailler,

Your best bet for something like this would be to attach the player to a spline and set their transform to update over time. This way you could control the path there on similar to an on-rail shooter game or Pistol Whip. however, I believe they just have the player move in a straight line.


Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. I will try those and share here if i can find the solution.

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