How to make Attack Animation play once per click - and not play even if you HOLD the button down

How can I make it so that if I press and hold the attack button he only plays the attack animation once - so you have to - tap the button many times to get him to shoot (in a side scroller)

If you create an Action Map for your attack button in the project settings, this will make the input play only once per click. (Have a look at the FPS example project when you load the engine)


Sorry you mis-understood the question or I have a hard time explaining

  • I already got him firing the thing is if I Hold the button down - he is constantly firing - like if you do the input action fire…if you click and release he does it once…but if you hold it down he continues firing…I want him to stop firing even if you hold it down after 1 time…

what I want: even if you hold down the button to fire, I want him to shoot once - so you’d have to let go of the button and press it again to fire again

Otherwise I get an constant loop of the animation firing - while I hold the fire button down and I don’t want that

But thank you for the quick response I really appreciate it

Hmm that’s weird! It works perfectly the way you say you want it to work for me. What version of the engine are you using?

4.9…Hmm it might have to do with the boolean variable that is activated when pressed
I should specify a bit more, So I have the a boolean variable that activates when I I press it, which activates the “shoot” animation in the animation blueprint, and de-activates when released…
What I could try is throw in a delay for the same amount of time as the animation - to activate and de-activate the bool

I was wondering if there was another way

Can you post some screenshots of how you have set it up?

Hey - I actually realized you were correct, I had a user error - your suggestion did fix it :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your suggestion