How to make an object not render if its material hasn't finished streaming?

Sometimes in our game, we’re finding that objects whose materials/textures haven’t fully loaded are displaying as a fully-opaque default textures - when these are subtle background effects that we’d much rather simply not appear while they’re streaming in (for example, smoke effects and the like). Is there a way to simply suppress the rendering of an object whose textures aren’t yet ready?

This sounds less like streaming and more like material compilation.

Is this in a standalone build or running in PlayInEditor? PIE has issues with this as where standalone should take the time to first compile your materials.

I’ve seen it happen in both.

If you are seeing the default unreal material (gray checker boxes) at first then seeing your material pop in then that is usually a matter of material compiling.

Be sure the usage flags in your materials are set correctly. This can cause stand alone to not compile correctly but the editor will automatically set the flags but may need to recompile at runtime.