How to make an image stretch over two buttons?

Hey, i created an UMG widget which consists of multiple buttons(each button is an inventory slot consisting of button and an image). Is there any way we can make a single image texture(say for example weapon image) stretch over two buttons so that player knows that weapon occupies two slots? Also these slots are children to the uniform grid panel which are arranged in 5x4 fashion. Thank you in advance.

There’s no built in way to do this. You’ll either want to author your content with this in mind, or dynamically adjust your images on the fly as you assign them as backgrounds to your buttons.

Not sure if you can bleed past the edge of the grid cell but when I want to do this outside a grid I wrap the two buttons in an this and then wrap the hbox and and the image in an overlay widget which allows them to to overlay each other so the image can stretch across both buttons.

Okay, what i’m trying to do is setting up an inventory system similar to Diablo game or Resident Evil 7. If you take Resident evil 7 for example, certain items such as weapons consume more than one slot. This is shown as the image stretching or occupying the two slots of the inventory. How do i approach or i wanna know the logic setup behind this system so i can do it on my project. Please let me know if you got anything or any method or approach to do the same. Thank you.

Please can you share how is it possible to dynamically adjust the images as the backgrounds to the buttons? Thank you.

In that case you probably have to locate in a gridlike way on a canvas layout using your own logic and not the grid layout option.

Fine. I’ll look into it. Thank you.