How to make an AI bot

Hello all!
I am currently working on a game, and am wondering if anyone could help me with something - I am really unsure of how to create AIs (most players refer to them as bots in games like Fortnite or any offline shooters). Does anyone have any tips for me (a beginning developer) that I could use to add bots to my game ? Anything would be super helpful. Thanks !

Hi, UE has an AI system/framework already build in that you can utilize to build your AIs.

You can watch through this here to get an overview Unreal Engine AI with Behavior Trees | Unreal Engine - YouTube

and then work through / redo this here step by step Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

This here might also be helpful Character Kickstart - Unreal Engine

And if you’re just beginning with it, then this here might also be helpful Introduction to AI with Blueprints - Unreal Engine

And if you want to use EQS Environment Query System Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation