How to make AI Perception look through objects?

I have a landscape with a lot of trees. When an AI starts chasing me, I can just put a tree in between me and the AI and it cant see me bringing it to the roam state. I’m using a behavior tree. I’m new to UE4 so it is probably something simple.

Other notes:
I am using landscape foliage for my trees, I have tried to change the collision of the trees to BlockAllDynamic which in another thread said AI Perception can see through.

You are just getting started with AI Perception. Don’t start letting enemies start seeing through walls. That will open a world of pain later.

Try one of these options instead. Look at the Pawn that you want to follow you. Press ’ and this will bring up the stuff you need. (You may need to then press 4).

  1. You will see the cone that makes up the AI Perception. You can see a sphere around your character when it can be seen by the enemy. When the enemy loses sight of you, it also logs when it saw you last, and another sphere will appear there. You could have the enemy run to this point, where it might be able to see you again.

  2. You could give it hearing Perception as well, an introduce footsteps (look up anim notifies to play the sound in the run/walk animation), so it can hear where you are as you run away, and follow those sounds too. You need to be faster than your enemy, so you can eventually get away, otherwise it will follow you permanently.

  3. The usual way is to keep track of your location, and keep passing it to the enemy, so it knows where you are for several extra seconds, even though it cannot see you any more. That is apparently a common way to do it.

Thank you, the hearing Perception fix my problem.