How to make AI for monster to attack and retreat?

Hello… I’m new on Blueprint programming, and I would like to know, how to make an AI for monsters to:

1- Detect the Player;

2- Follow the Player;

3- When get close enough, use 1 attack;

4- Retreat a bit, walk around the player;

5- Back to Player, and use other attack…

I already set the AI to detect the player, and walk to player. But I need him to attack, and walk around the player, because will be to many monsters… If they come on me, and start to attack everybody together, will be easy to die.
If someone understand me, and could help me… Thanks!


Your enemies must be with advanced AI setup. You should detect distance between player and monster and switch animation to different actions, according with your script.

You’ve seen this twitch about Setting Up Advanced AI?

Also you can find additional info in these tutorials about AI in UE4

Thank you… I’ll watch this video about Setting Up Advanced AI, I think it will help me a lot.

this tutorials do not work with the version 4.10