how to make a well-defined, sharp and contrasted material?

Hi Everybody!

I was playing around with the widget component inside a texture that can be used with materials.
My widget is a web page, but when it is in the material, lit or unlit, in base colour or in emissive it looks too bury.

Here is how I see the widget with the UI (not inside a material):

And here is the same widget inside a bluprint, using it as a texture inside a material:

This is the component and the material automatically assigned:

And the material looks like this, but i try many other variations like directly on emissive in an unlit material, but the result is the same:

Hope you guys have any idea to try here, i want it to be crisp well-defined as possible to look like the first image as possible.

Wild-■■■ guess. It sounds like you don’t want the engine to post process your material. Have you tried setting the material to “unlit”?

Yes, is unlit in the picture. But i change it now because it looks better lit, with emissive.

But i am far away of thge result i want

I made this widget:

with this material:

It was a little washed out until I saturated it a bit.

And it will look fuzzy until you ramp up the texture to about 4K.

Hey! Thanks! it improve a lot with Desaturation. I mix ti with contrast this way:

The rest is just an effect I see in a youtube tutorial: