how to make a subtitle in vive

hi guys,i need a subtitle in my Vive project,i created a 2d widget add it to the viewport,but it`s seem the text is differnt in two viewport,and been cropped in the right viewport of vive,do you have any ideal about how to make a subtitle in Vive?thank advanced. :smiley:

3d widget. Creating 3D Widgets | Unreal Engine Documentation

you can put in in an actor bp if you want it to be in a specific part of the level like this

or if you want it to only be where the player is looking you can attach it to the camera (or in my case controller) and use BPā€™s in the event graph to decide when they are shown.

tcla thank you,but 3D widget will be blocked by close object,it`s not a subtitle,2D widget is better