How to make a Sphere Trace

hi ,

always working on my Item system
I wondering How can I change a Line Trace into au spherical trace

Actually I have this for Item picking :

AItem* AResistanceCharacter::GetPickableInView()
	FVector camLoc;
	FRotator camRot;

	if (Controller == NULL)
		return NULL;

	Controller->GetPlayerViewPoint(camLoc, camRot);
	const FVector start_trace = camLoc;
	const FVector direction = camRot.Vector();
	const FVector end_trace = start_trace + (direction * MaxPickupDistance);

	FCollisionQueryParams TraceParams(FName(TEXT("")), true, this);
	TraceParams.bTraceAsyncScene = true;
	TraceParams.bReturnPhysicalMaterial = false;
	TraceParams.bTraceComplex = true;

	FHitResult Hit(ForceInit);
	GetWorld()->LineTraceSingle(Hit, start_trace, end_trace, USE_TRACE, TraceParams);

	return Cast<AItem>(Hit.GetActor());

And I would change the LineTraceSingle by a spherical detection

#Sphere Trace

Here’s my code for a sphere trace, enjoy!

static FORCEINLINE bool VTraceSphere(
		AActor* ActorToIgnore,	
		const FVector& Start, 
		const FVector& End,
		const float Radius,
		FHitResult& HitOut,
		ECollisionChannel TraceChannel=ECC_Pawn
	) {
		FCollisionQueryParams TraceParams(FName(TEXT("VictoreCore Trace")), true, ActorToIgnore);
		TraceParams.bTraceComplex = true;
		//TraceParams.bTraceAsyncScene = true;
		TraceParams.bReturnPhysicalMaterial = false;

		//Ignore Actors
		//Re-initialize hit info
		HitOut = FHitResult(ForceInit);
		//Get World Source
		TObjectIterator< APlayerController > ThePC;
		if(!ThePC) return false;
		return ThePC->GetWorld()->SweepSingle(

Nice! Is there a way to make a cone raycast though, this is closer to how vision works, we see more objects far in the distance.