How to make a simple up and down "head bob" for first person game's camera??

Hi, I’m trying to make a first person game, but I’m not how to go about making the camera go up and down as player walks or runs forward. I’ve looked up tutorials on YouTube for this, but they all seem to be trying to emulate a shaky-handheld camera look. It makes me feel sick/nauseous and is undesirable. I would like for the camera to look like in this game or similar:

I think you could just adjust the cameras Z position based on a curve. Your curve would have slight bounce to it. This would be the easiest approach.

Alternatively, you can have an animation which has bobbing movement and then you attach the camera position to the neck bone. You’d get head bobbing for free, but it might be slightly jerky depending on the walk/run animations you use. You could do some smoothing code to remove some of the animation jerkiness. With this approach, you get blended head bobbing for free, simply by using the animation to drive camera movement. You’d still have to decouple the camera orientation from the animation though – you’ll probably want to have the camera drive the head rotation via the animation blueprint.