How to make a running/shoot Animation

Hi i have made a 2DSideSroller Game for learning i have inGame 2 Buttons one for Jump and one for Shoot. If the Character is Standing the Shooting Animation Works But i want if he is running and than i pressed the Shoot Button that he should make the Shooting/Running Animation. Can somebody help me with this what i have made wrong thanks.

Hi here are the Animation States from the Character Blueprint i hope this is what do you need to check the Problem :slight_smile:

Its an Paper2D Game

In your Rotate Character direction, you’re setting Run Shoot to false when you move instead of true.
Hit that check box!

I think there are better ways of checking to see if your Paper2D character is moving or not.

You have a character movement component, right?
You should check to make sure the absolute value of your velocity. Is it 0? You’re not moving. Anything but 0, you’re moving!
Split the movement vector by up and forward axis to determine if you’re falling and/or moving forward.

Hope that helps!

Those are not the animations states, that’s still only the character blueprint. I’m asking for the animation graph that is called the “Locomotion graph” or “Locomotion.”

The locomotion graph shows the state machine behind the animations and that is in the end what will make your animation work. If you haven’t set that up to make the running shoot animation work, then you need to for it to work.

So the Only Locomotion State that i know is from a 3D Character like this Picture from the Down. But i dont know where are the Locomotions from a 2DSidesroller Paper Character the Only that i know are the AnimationStates (Emumeration). Pleace tell me where i can find the Locomotion Graph from a 2D Paper Sprite Character Thanks.

Thanks for the Answer can you make a Sreenshot how i can make this better that it works for me :slight_smile: I am not a the Best with Blueprints

It should be accessible from where you find your animation blueprint.

Regardless - even if there is no locomotion graph, there should be a similar state graph where the different states are transitioned into. This is what I’m looking for.

I’m not seeing anywhere where Running Shoot is actually set to true - the only place you’re setting it to true is after it should already be true. That statement will never execute that way.

I started with a brand new Paper2D Sample Project.
Your character has the following movement states:
Standing Shooting
Running Shooting
(Can they shoot while in air?)

EDIT: I deleted this overly complex split of the player velocity in favor of doing an Is Falling check rather than look at Z values. The logic for determining states and switching the ENUM settings has been uploaded to Pastebin for easy copying.

I got the X Y and Z floats separately by right clicking on a Vector pit and selecting Split Struct Pin.

Honestly I’d use an Enumerator and Switch on Enum.
You can create a new Enumerator in your content browser.
Add the 5(6?) states I described above to your Enumerator.

Once you’ve done that, save and compile.
If your Player Character blueprint is open, compile it so it can see the new Enumerator data.


Now that you’ve created your Enum, add a switch for it in the Character Blueprint and connect every output to a Set Flipbook. There’s a pull down menu on the switch at first. You need to right click that and promote that to a variable. Then you should get this:

The last part is too complicated to screen shot so I made a Pastebin so you can just copy/paste it:

This just takes IsFalling from character movement to determine if you’re in the air or not. It also looks at your velocity if you’re NOT in the air to determine whether to stand or run. Finally it looks at your Is Shooting flag to determine which shoot state.

Good luck!

See the screenshots and Pastebin above.

So i have fix that with the Running Shoot Animation it Works :slight_smile: I use Enumeration an the Switch. How can i make if the Character is in the Air the Jump/Shoot Animation if i Pressed my Fire Button. For now if he is in the Air he makes the Jump Animation.

He is my Complete Movment Bluprint

Hi Thanks for your Help i have fixxed the Problem with the Jump/Shoot everything works fine now. Thanks for your Time to Help me :slight_smile:

Glad you were able to fix the issue. In the Enumerator I see there’s a BLANK state. You should get rid of any states that you aren’t using. Don’t worry it’s easy to add new ones later.

Since this worked, would you mind accepting my answer? If you have any more problems post a new question and I’ll my best to answer.

Yes i have two Question how i make a Double Jump for my Character i have connect some Stuff from a other Tutorial but its not Working see the Picture. And i have a Wall Jump from the (Unreal Stick Figure 2D Game Example) from Epic i hope you know this Game Project :slight_smile: There are 2 Bugs in the Blueprint if i Jump and Hit the Roof with the Head from the Charcter i can make a Jump Down :frowning: And if i Run and Jump in the Air and the Moment if the Character is Landed if i pressed the Jump Button again in the Right moment the Character makes a Jump backwards :frowning: I hope you can help me with this :slight_smile: See the Pictures and i hope you have the (Unreal Stick Figure 2D Game Example) on your Launcher to look self xD The Question is how i fix the Bugs and how i can make the Wall Jump only on the Walls that i want. Maybe with a Tag ???